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22 октября будет выпущена биография Шинед, название: Sinead O'Connor - My Story as told to Michael Sheridan, как следует из названия, нас ожидает рассказ самой Шинед литературизированный Майклом Шeриданом



Все это чудесно, но не досягаемо, поскольку издаваться будет только на тарабарском языке.   :tired:



ну англ - не худший вариант))))



Вопрос дня - как добывать ее бум? Ситуация похожа на ДВД Теолоджи, который никак не добыть  :'(



Ну, кто первый поедет в Ирландию, тот и купит :)



в отличие от двд, книга будет издана не лимитированным изданием, и её можно будет заказать в нормальных он-лайн магазах, таких, как амазон!
ждем 22 октября!



Message from Sinead's manager about the "new book".
I was asked to post this in the name of Fachtna O'Ceallaigh:

it has come to our attention that a number of websites such as amazon and borders have been pre selling a supposed autobiography entitled Sinead O Connor  My Story by Michael Sheridan.    such a book does not exist, there is no autobiography and nobody should attempt to order such a book from any source.     We had been in conversations, for some time, with a major london publishing company about a potential book, to be written by michael sheridan, that would focus on sinead's lyrics and the 'stories' or inspiration behind the lyrics.    sinead and michael had a number of chats about some of her songs, more conversations were due to take place during the summer.    Over the course of the negotiations with the publishing company it became clear that they intended, despite vigorous explanations to the contrary, to sell the book as an autobiography.    As it was neither being written by sinead nor could it be in any way described as a biography, it came as quite a surprise, to say the least, to discover that the publishing company had presented the project to the likes of amazon and border as an autobiography, i.e. written by sinead.     this was done without any legal agreement or contract existing between sinead and the publishing company.     the company was instructed to immediately cease and desist from any and all such pre selling activities, either directly or through any and all other sources, for instance amazon.     negotiations with the publishing company were, of course, immediately ended, given they had no legal (or moral) authority to either pre sell the 'book' or to describe it as an autobiography.

there is no book, there will be no book, at least for the foreseeable future.    we are not in negotiations with any publishing company anywhere in the world.     the only truth is that sinead and the writer, michael sheridan, engaged in a series of conversations about her lyrics and the inspiration behind those lyrics.     whether those conversations ever eventually become a book, nobody knows at this time.      finally, let me repeat;  if anybody anywhere is proposing to sell to anybody a sinead o connor book/autobiography, do not believe it because no such book exists nor, indeed, was such a book  ever planned.

fachtna o ceallaigh

Вот. Не будет книги  :dontknow:
Жаль  :'(


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