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Sinéad and Republic of Loose

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(Sorry; I can post only in English)

I didn't see too many references to the Irish band Republic of Loose on here, so here's a list of their collaborations with Sinéad.

"We People (Who Are Darker Than Blue)" - not the same version on Theology. Released digitally in February 2009. The only physical copy of this song is on a promo CD along with "Back Where You Belong".

"The Telephone (feat. Sinéad O'Connor)" - Sinéad does backing vocals on the chorus of this rather awful song from RoL's 2008 album Vol. IV: Johnny Pyro and the Dance of Evil (released only in Ireland, and hard to find)

"You Can't Do That" (cover of the 1964 Beatles song) - performed live at a benefit concert in Ireland last February, and released for one day only (June 13th, 2009) on a CD distributed free with copies of the Irish Daily Mail. I've ordered a copy on eBay; it's in the mail right now.



You Can't Do That was released! Wow. Who could suspect it!))
Is this a live version on CD?



Yes, it's live, and on CD. I just got it in the mail this morning. I have to say it's AWFUL! Sinéad's voice just isn't suited to the song at all. I've never heard her sing so badly live. :(

I'll try to upload a copy of the song soon.



NRitH, your favourite album, (can, there is a favourite song)? How for a long time you listen Sinead?

Yes, on the account of Russian editions - I do not see sense. Except for the ugly signature of the rights to sale completely differ nothing from editions of other zones.

P.S.At you an excellent site.
(Excuse for machine translation)



NRitH написал(а):

I've never heard her sing so badly live.

OMG :(
it could not be :(



Sorry for the delay! Here's a 192kbps MP3 of "You Can't Do That".



Thank you so much!
Interesting thing!
But, yes, not an amazing performance!


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